Parenting Workshops

Family Workshops

Thank you for your interest in our family workshops. Each workshop is designed to encourage families and provide parenting strategies that will build a strong foundation where children and families can grow to meet their greatest potential. For more information or to schedule a workshop for your PTSA, Church, Business or Civic Organization, please contact Brenda Fitzgerald at (770)794-8525.


This workshop is designed to help parents learn more about attention deficits and how they can impact children in the home and school setting. For all ages.


This workshop will focus on behavioral strategies for encouraging and reinforcing positive behaviors in young children with special needs. Parents will learn how to entice their children into communicating and playing appropriately with toys and with other children.

Building A Strong Family

This workshop is designed to help parents in their effforts to create a strong secure home environment for their children. Brenda shares the seven charateristics she has observed in strong families and gives suggestions and ideas to help your own.

Helping Girls and Boys Succeed in School and Life

This workshop is design to speak to the differences in the genders  and to encourage success for girls and boys.  Brenda combines knowledge and humor to make this a class  one you will never forget.

Effective Strategies for Discipline for Parents

This workshop is designed to provide strategies for parents that will help them model, teach and guide their children in making responsible choices. Areas of topics: understanding discipline, setting rules and giving consequences, giving your children too much, and the differences between girls and boys. This is one of our most popular workshops. For all ages. Time: 3 hours

Understanding Dyslexia

This workshop is designed to educate  parents on dyslexia and to  guide them in understanding the  proper remediation  and accommodations needed for the dyslexic child.  Brenda shares her vast knowledge of dyslexia with warmth and wisdom.

Raising Well Adjusted Kids

Brenda Fitzgerald  will  lead  parents in a lively  discussion on how to raise kids who will take responsibility for their choices, respect themselves and others, become the women and men they are called to be, and grow into well adjusted adults.  Don’t miss this workshop!

Ready to Read

This workshop is designed to introduce parents to the five areas of reading instruction while sharing ideas and activities that will help prepare their young children to read. For the pre-school and kindergarten student. Time: 2 hours

What Preschoolers Need to Know and Learn

There is a growing mindset that children should read, write, spell, master math concepts and know a foreign language before they graduate from preschool. Preschoolers are often expected to master skills way beyond their developmental abilities. The objective of this class is to examine the four domains and the development of each domain for emotional stability, social graces and academic and physical excellence. This is a must attend workshop for parents!

The Importance of Play and Exercise

This class is designed to provide parents with the latest brain research on play and exercise. Brenda shares the wonders of getting your family moving and the implications  in regard to academic achievement, behavior and emotional well-being.