Courses Your School Can Host

Below is a complete listing of Approved CEU Courses. For a listing of courses currently being offered, please visit our Currently Offered Courses.

If you would like to request a class for your school community or host a class, then please contact Brenda Fitzgerald at [email protected] or 770-794-8525.

These Courses are divided into 3 categories:


  • Orton Gillingham 
  • The Complete Reading Series – A Structured Literacy Program Based on the Science of Reading
  • Comprehension: Helping Students Remember What They Read (CRS)
  • Content Area Reading Strategies
  • Creating and Managing Literacy Centers – Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Early Literacy Development- Preparing Young Children for Success in School(CRS)
  • Focus on Phonics: Teaching the Foundation Skills for Reading and Spelling (CRS)
  • Guided Reading Strategies: Grades 3-6
  • Ideas, Activities and Literature for Teaching Social Studies K-3
  • Learning Disabilities: How They Interfere With the Reading/Writing Process (CRS)
  • Literacy Centers Grades 3-5
  • Understanding Dyslexia (CRS)
  • Words for The Wise: Using Latin and Greek Roots to Increase English Vocabulary Learning(CRS)


  • 2+2 Still Equals 4
  • Making Math Count
  • Math Outside the Box – Grade 4-7
  • Math with Manipulatives
  • Orton Gillingham Math
  • Putting the Magic Back in Math
  • Using Literature to Reinforce Math Concepts K-2


  • ADHD: Steps to Self-Management
  • Autism: Characteristics and Strategies of Instruction
  • Assessment for Students – Grades K-2
  • Assessment for Students – Grades 3-5
  • Autism: Characteristics and Strategies of Instruction
  • Best Practices for Effective Teaching
  • Character Education: What Works?
  • America the Beautiful: A Pre-School and Kindergarten Social Studies Unit
  • Curriculum Design for the ADD / ADHD Students – Pre-K – 12th Grade
  • Developmental Milestones: Normal and Atypical
  • Differentialed  Instruction
  • Effective Classroom Management for the K-12 Teacher
  • Effective School to Home Communication
  • Effective Strategies for Discipline
  • Exceptional Children and Youth
  • Helping Boys Succeed in School
  • Helping Girls Succeed in Life
  • Identification and Strategies for Teaching Students with Speech and Language Delays
  • Integrating Science into Reading Pre K -3
  • Integrated Thematic Instruction – Teaching Science and Social Studies to Young Children
  • Managing the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Managing The Middle School Student
  • Reaching the Instruction Needs of the ESOL Student
  • Science – Just Do It – Science Activities for Elementary Teachers
  • School Law for Basic Educators
  • Signing in the Classroom – Pre-K – 1st Grade
  • Strategies and Activities for Enhancing the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Strategies that Really Work with Middle School Readers
  • Study Skills that Really Work: Grades 4-8
  • Successful Inclusion
  • Teaching Smart! SmartBoard Training K-12
  • Teaching Strategies for Students with ADD/ADHD (Pre-k – 12th grade)
  • Teaching the Gifted Student K-8
  • Tech Knowledge Gee!
  • The Professional Educator
  • The Importance of Exercise and Play and Exercise
  • Understanding Psychological  Evaluations