The Complete Reading Series The CRS

Brenda Fitzgerald, Ed.S


The Complete Reading Series ( CRS ) is a 70 hour comprehensive reading series designed to empower teachers to understand and master the content and instructional practices necessary to teach reading, writing and spelling to all students.

The CRS is composed of six comprehensive courses based on research by the National Reading Panel, The Florida Center for Reading Research and the National Institute for Literacy. The CRS is designed for the Pre-k to 12th grade classroom teacher, the EIP teacher, the special education teacher, tutors and parents. The course objective is to teach participants how to teach reading and spelling. The CRS equips participants with the knowledge, the strategies and the assessment tools to teach students to read, write and spell.

Early Literacy Development is the first in the series and should be completed before taking the rest of the courses. Participants take this course to understand how the reading process begins and to identify a student that may have gaps in early literacy development. This course introduces the five areas of reading and provides multisensory activities for oral language development, print awareness, phonological awareness and an introduction to the alphabetic principle. One (1) CEU

Focus on Phonics is designed to teach word structure, rules and syllabication. Focus on Phonics will provide participants with the knowledge and strategies to effectively teach sound-symbol relationship, the rules that govern our language and the explicit, systematic way to instruct. One (1) CEUs

Words for the Wise is designed to help teachers develop an appropriate plan for teaching Latin and Greek vocabulary roots. Participants will leave this class with core knowledge ceus new skills for teaching vocabulary and a repertoire of strategies. Half (0.5) CEU

Comprehension: Helping Students Remember What They Read addresses seven reading comprehension strategies that should be implemented in every classroom. Ideas and activities to support each strategy will be discussed at length. Instruction will also include information on the proper assessments for identification of students with reading comprehension problems. Writing is also addressed in this class. One (1) CEU

Learning Disabilities that Interfere with Reading is designed to familiarize participants with disabilities that interfere with the reading and writing process. Topics to be discussed: visual and auditory processing disorders, dyslexia and dysgraphia, dyspraxia and more. One (1) CEU

Understanding Dyslexia is designed to educate participants in the origin, characteristics, remediation and accommodations for the neurobiological disability known as Dyslexia. This is the most common reading disability found in the classroom. A must have course. One (1) CEU

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